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Tamahis founders - Geert Van Gucht and Vincent van Lennep


Tamahris was founded in 2013 by Geert Van Gucht and Vincent van Lennep, two experienced HR consultants, sharing a common vision of commitment and innovation for their clients.

In a short time, the team has grown to more than 25 dedicated and passion-filled professionals, with diverse backgrounds, covering 14 different languages.

They bring a wealth of experience in supporting transformation projects from small businesses to large international organisations.


Geert is a seasoned HR professional with over 35 years of experience, having had several operational and project management roles in HR and IT with a large financial organisation. Geert is used to working in a complex organisation, with multiple structures and cultures. He is hands-on and action oriented, and he is able to cover both strategic and operational issues. He loves to lead project teams to achieve incredible results, through coaching them with inspiring leadership. Geert is passionate to make HR better through technical innovation, by capturing the innovative potential of SaaS tools, which, in turn, help HR leaders to deliver their Talent and Performance management strategy.

Over the last 15 years Geert’s focus has been on HR organisational change, tools optimisation and HR technology. Most recently, he has been responsible for a major HRIS transformation program for a large financial group with over 180 000 employees in over 80 countries. Through this program the corporate ERP structure was replaced by a modular and flexible approach, implementing the Cornerstone solution for Learning, Performance and Career management.

Geert Van Gucht
Vincent van Lennep

In his career, Vincent’s drive has always been to adapt the latest technologies to HR requirements, starting with self service applications in the early 2000s, which opened the ERP backbone to employees and managers with the advent of web technology. He now specialises in providing unique solutions for complex and large organisations by building the appropriate technology for their HRIS strategies. As his career evolved in international consulting, Vincent had the opportunity to work for large European companies across the continent at a variety of businesses, enriching his knowledge of HR tools, processes and organisations.


Before launching Tamahris with Geert, Vincent worked for a major financial institute, which gave him the opportunities to further develop his skills from the inside of an organisation. From this vantage, he was able to further refine the skills needed to develop a project, launch it and validate extremely ambitious and modern HRIS architecture.



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