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Innovation WEBINAR

Do not miss our upcoming webinar focused on innovation!


Recent studies have demonstrated that the HR Technology landscape is evolving from a single integrated HR system towards multiple best-in-class applications, using the latest digital technologies.

This raises new challenges:

  • How to integrate all these applications?

  • How to provide a seamless User Experience?

  • How to consolidate data and centralise reporting?

The Tamahris Integration Platform is a new powerful iPaaS; It efficiently uses Cornerstone’s integration capabilities (API, reporting, imports,…) and can cope with all available integration standards to connect seamlessly with any other application.

In this webinar, you will learn how this product can enable modern integrations, enhancing the user experience and enriching the standard functionalities of Cornerstone.

Tamahris will present real use cases, including:


  • Content providers

  • Digital attendance registration

  • Microsoft Teams, Azure, ...

  • DocuSign

... and many more!

24th November, 4-5pm CEST - REGISTER


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